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How to report a Joomla bug with 2 steps


  1. Go to joomlacode.org -> Project Joomla -> CMS issue tracker (register if you are not already a member)
  2. Open a new tracker item and report your bug

Joomla Staff:

  1. Someone from the bug squad will check it, confirm and assign it to someone who can create a patch
  2. A patch will be made to fix the bug -> status will be pending 5.
  3. Two testers will test the patch. If successful -> status Ready to Commit
  4. A PLT member with permission to do so will commit -> status Bug Fixed

Watch full article here: joomlablogger.net

Five Reasons to Try Joomla for Content Management

Joomla Some 2.7 percent of the Web now runs on Joomla, according to research firm W3Techs, which translates into a market share of roughly 10 percent. WordPress is currently the market leader, running almost 15 percent of all websites, while Drupal comes in third with 1.7 percent of the Web. Though Joomla is the relative newcomer among these three leaders, it boasts Citibank, eBay, General Electric, Harvard University, Ikea, McDonald's and Sony among its enterprise users.

Does your company run a website? If so, here are a few reasons you may want to check out Joomla for yourself.

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