Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.3.4 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

07-May-2018 : v3.3.4 + NEW PARAMETER: There is a new parameter to control if you want to enable the confirmation messages after clicking on the buttons. The Block Cookies functionality has to be enabled to enable the new parameter «Enable Confirmation Alerts». + NEW PARAMETER: There is a new parameter to set the border-width and the border-color of the notification bar. + The Danish (da-DK) translation has been added. Translated by: Thomas Thrane ( [Many thanks to Thomas for his contribution] + The Italian (it-IT) translation has been added. Translated by: Alberto Paracchini [Many thanks to Alberto for his contribution] + The «Shortcode functionality {cookiesinfo}» is working also without the need to enable the «Block Cookies» functionality. [Thank you, Chris Elliott] ^ HTML/CSS FIXES: The entire CSS code has been rewritten. Many of the selectors in HTML/CSS have been changed because of CSS validation rules. # BUG FIXED: Even there are some javascript errors by your template, the jquery ajax functionality will still work without any problems. ^ HTML/CSS FIXED: The HTML table which displays the served cookies by the website is now responsive. [Thank you, Peter Mochnaľ] ^ The «Clean cookies!» functionality at the back-end (for Debuggers), has been improved. (File: \elements\rmvcookies.php) # BUG FIXED: When an admin tried to change the settings of the plugin, he got a "500 String could not be parsed as XML" error message. There was a small issue in all other language files, except English file. ^ The «limit» parameter, in the Base Settings, is displayed only if the «Block Cookies» parameter is disabled. ^ Do not load the /jquery.cookiesdirective.js and style.css if the user already accepted the cookies policy, except if needed for the shortcode functionality. # BUG Fixed: Load the custom CSS styling only at the front-end. # CSS Issue: We don't use anymore the @import method to load the google fonts. We include the google fonts as external URLs now. ^ The CSS styling has been now validated by the W3C CSS Validation Service. # JS Issue: The animated effect is working again. There was an error with the wrong type of "w357_animate_duration" variable. # Caching issues have been resolved [Thank you, Arte Ferro srl] # Minor bug fixes and code improvements. (view the full changelog)
Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin
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