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Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.3.7 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

12-May-2018 : v3.3.7 # CSS BUG FIXED: Opacity setting affects the "Bar" as a whole. We now use RGBA instead of HEX colors. The background color of the notification bar, and the background color of the buttons, are now based on RGBA functionality. [Thank you, Michael Maass] # BUG FIXED: The 'cpnb_confi'g javascript variable was empty because there are issues with uf8 characters in the language files. [Thank you, Guido Pier] # BUG FIXED: There was a conflict with the plugin "System - TM Wrapper", and causes errors with notification bar (has not be displayed). We've added some options for the 'json_encode' function and the problem has been resolved. [Thank you, Kees de Goeijer] ! The background opacity parameter field has been deleted. Instead, you can use the Background color and choose the opacity with the RGBA function. [Thank you, Michael Maass] # The utf8 encoding with some special characters, mostly in German language, has been resolved. # BUG FIXED: Some issues with the Joomla cache have been resolved. # Minor fixes. (view the full changelog)
Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin
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