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Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.4.3 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

25-Jun-2018 : v3.4.3 + [New Feature] A new parameter has been added to disable the jQuery/Ajax functionality. (You can disable this functionality if you've detected any conflicts with other jQuery libraries, or issues with Joomla! cache or any issues with speed optimized plugins like the JCH Optimize.) + [New Feature] Set Cookies expiration time for each cookie (Accept, Decline, Cancel). + [New Feature] A new parameter has been added to help admins easily Import/Export the plugin parameters. + [New Feature] New styling positions have been added (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right). ^ [Improvement] In the group of parameter "Cookie Descriptions", you can now set also the Expiration Time for each cookie separately. + [Improvement] The JS and CSS files are loaded as minified now. # [Bug Fixed] Some issues at the backend while editing a template via a template builder (like the Yootheme PRO builder) have been resolved now. # [Bug Fixed] If the User clicks on the Decline button inside the modal, the window should be closed. # [Bug Fixed] Several issues with JCH Optimize plugin have been resolved successfully. ^ [Updated] The language files have been updated. ! [Removed] The line-height option has been removed from the plugin settings. ! [Removed] The "Google fonts" parameter has been removed from the plugin settings. ! [Removed] The "Language Migration Tool" is not needed anymore and has been removed. ! [Removed] The "Clean cookies from Browser!" parameter has been removed because is not necessary anymore. We have to keep things more simple. You can use your browser to delete the cookies. (view the full changelog)

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