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Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.7.2 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

17-Dec-2018 : v3.7.2 + [New Feature] After Y pixels (e.g. 300) of the scrolling from the top of the window, the plugin automatically accepts the cookies policy without any click needed. The notification bar is hidden automatically after reach the maximum height of scrolled pixels. ^ [Improvement] To avoid conflicts with 3rd party plugins, load the modal behavior {JHtml::_('behavior.modal');} as a hidden field, instead globally in the web357 framework. # [Bug Fixed] When the notification bar is on the center of the page, and the parameters "Locked Overlay" and "Reload the page after accepting" are enabled, the body of the page stay locked after accept [Thank you, Marcin Nader] (view the full changelog)

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