Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.8.2 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

06-Sep-2019 : v3.8.2 + [New feature] Force allow cookies. Sometimes we need to ensure that all the required cookies will be loaded successfully even if the user has declined the cookies policy. For this reason and only we are now able to force allow some cookies by adding the cookie names in the new parameter field. More info: # [Bug Fixed] Do not display the cookie manager icon in iframes. # [Bug Fixed] Display the cookie expiration in the cookies info table if a cookie name is a regex. ^ [SEO Improvement] Missing ALT attribute to the image of the Cookies Manager (the one displayed on bottom-left corner). # Minor bug fixes and code improvements. (view the full changelog)
Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin

You can read more details about how to force allow cookies even if the user declines the cookies policy of a specific cookies category (e.g. Analytical Cookies) in the below link.

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