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Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.9.0 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

06-Mar-2020 : v3.9.0 + [New Feature] Admins are able to see which categories are accepted by the users via the acceptance logs in the plugin settings. + [New Feature] Confirmation alerts for each button separately. In "Base Settings" you can see a new section of parameters "Confirmation Alerts", for the "Accept", for the "Decline", and for the "Delete" button. + [New Feature] Restore the plugin settings to the defaults. All the settings will be replaced by the default plugin settings. + [New Feature] The cookie expiration has been splitted in two variables, the datetime and the text. Now, if you are using the shortcode functionality to display the cookies info table, you can choose the Cookie expiration (count), and the cookie Expiration (text) (for example, 30 days, or 1 year, or 2 years, etc.) + [New Parameter fields] You can now translate the expiration text values in the shortcode info table. You can do this from the "Texts for Languages" tab, for each language separately. There is a new field for each of these strings (minute, minutes, hour, hours, day, days, month, months, year, years). + [New Feature] Add a class attribute for each button separately (accept, decline, cancel, more info, settings, save, reload), where these are displayed on the cookies notification bar, on the cookies manager (modal window) and in the cookies info table (shortcode). There are 11 buttons in total. # [New Feature] Because of some European countries, for example, Italy, a new parameter field has been created to set the days of the expiration date of the cookie "cpnb_cookiesSettings". # [New Feature] Trigger events are now available for each function separately. You can do something after clicking on the accept, on the decline, or on the cancel button. https://docs.web357.com/article/52-trigger-events + [New Feature] The "Include or Exclude from Pages" functionality, in Advanced Settings, has been separated in two parameter sections. The "Show Notification Bar" and the "Plugin's Functionality". With the first parameter you can show/hide the notification bar from specific pages, and with the second you can enable/disable the whole plugin's functionality (notification bar, cookies manager modal window and cookies info table - shortcode functionality), from specific pages. [Thank you, Giuseppe Covino] ^ [SEO Improvement] Some links are indexed automatically by search engine robots (e.g. Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.). To avoid this situation we have add the attribute rel="nofollow" to all the button links. [Thank you, Piero Pavan] ^ [Style improvement] The checkbox style has been replaced by the classic checkbox style. ^ [Language updated] The French language files have been updated. Many thanks to Sandra Decoux ([email protected]) for her contribution. # [Bug Fixed] Detect the total of enabled cookie categories and if there are more than one, then create the "cpnb_cookiesSettings" cookie. If there is only one category (e.g. the "required-cookies"), do not create the "cpnb_cookiesSettings" cookie, to help you passing the Cookiebot validation service. # [Bug Fixed] after accept check all checkboxes asynchronously. Not reload needed as before. # [Bug Fixed] In the "Block Cookies by blocking their Javascript Code" parameters section it is not possible to have no one item. # Minor improvements and code cleanup. (view the full changelog)
Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin

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