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Monthly Archive v3.5.2 released

A new version of Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module has been released.

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11-Oct-2015 : v3.5.2 # BUG Fixed: It's not possible to enter the settings after updating from 3.5.1, if the K2 component is not enabled or active. # MODULE: You can select K2 Categories for include/exclude, without entering the IDs of Categories. (view the full changelog)
Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module


After this release, we received some support tickets from our Subscribers who use K2, which there was a problem after upgrade. Some users have lost the K2 categories from the new parameter field “K2 Include Categories” and “K2 Exclude Categories”.

So, before the update just remember to note these Categories on a paper and then choose them again before saving the component/module settings.

Thank you.

Yiannis Christodoulou
Lead Developer @ Web57

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