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Monthly Archive v4.2.3 released

A new version of Monthly Archive has been released.

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15-Nov-2017 : v4.2.3 # BUG Fixed: If an admin chooses the 'List of Articles' value, of 'Display Type' parameter, the count of articles in the welcome message was wrong. It shows always the count of articles for each page based on pagination, instead of the total number of the chosen month/year or search filters. # BUG Fixed: If the intro or the full text is empty, and only the title exists, the following error is displayed. "Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Empty string supplied as input in line X". # MODULE: Bug fixed with useless blank lines. [Thank you, Csapó Krisztina] # CSS Bug Fixed: Do not show the content element in front of other template elements, like the sticky menu for example. (.ma-content-item{z-index:1}) [Thank you, Csapó Krisztina] # BUG Fixed with the UTC/GMT/MET timezones. The count of articles on each month was not correct and most of the times the string "No Items" is displayed. [Many thanks to Paul, Csapó Krisztina, and Harald Krüger] # Minor bug fixes and several improvements. (view the full changelog)
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