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Monthly Archive v4.4.5 released

A new version of Monthly Archive has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

03-Mar-2019 : v4.4.5 # [BUG Fixed] When the date of an article is, for example, 31/Dec/2018, 23:59:59, the article isn't displaying in December's (2018) list, but in January's (2019) results. This was a bug with the timezone in Daylight Saving Time (United States) or Summertime period (Europe). [Thank you, Olaf Bieler] + [Update] The UIkit framework has been updated to the latest version (UIkit 3.0.3). ^ [Improvement] After each JS and CSS file, the "v" variable has been added, with the value "{version}_{datetime_of_release}". Example: "/components/com_monthlyarchive/views/archive/tmpl/default.css?v=4.4.5_20190303011554" (view the full changelog)

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