Virtuemart Sales v7.0.0 released

A new version of Virtuemart Sales - Joomla! component has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

20-Dec-2017 : v7.0.0 + NEW FEATURE: Multi currency is now supported. [Thank you, Peter London] + NEW FEATURE: Include the parameters also in the menu items to have different settings in multiple menu items. + NEW FEATURE: The Metadata options are now supported in Menu Item and you can set the meta description, the meta keywords, and the robots for each menu item you create. [Thank you, Jacobo] ^ The product categories are now linkable. ^ UIkit CSS framework has been updated to UIkit 3.0.0-beta.35 ^ The 'scope' mode of UIkit has been added to avoid conflicts with other versions of UIkit or other websites which using Yootheme templates. ^ You can select multiple categories and manufacturers in the parameters, instead of entering IDs. ^ Display the first image of the product instead of a random image. [Thank you, Jacobo] ^ In menu item settings now we use the useglobal="true" instead of the JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL. This method allows you to know which are exactly the global values of global configuration. ^ The free version has more unlocked parameter fields. ! Some parameter fields have been removed because are not needed anymore. (Currency, custom symbol, currency position, default ordering for categories and manufacturers). ! Unnecessary comments have been removed. # The link "Questions about this product?" is working now as expected. # Better search results. # General bug fixes in product discount calculations. # Many CSS styling improvements and minor fixes in responsive design. (view the full changelog)
Virtuemart Sales - Joomla! component
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