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Failed Login Attempts extension for Joomla!

Failed and Successful Login Attempts

This Joomla! Plugin records the failed and successful login attempts into the back-end and front-end of your Joomla! website. It is useful for security purposes and serves as an information pool to track malicious user access (IP, country, browser, OS, etc.).

Extension Information

  • Latest Version: 2.2.0 (download older versions)
  • Failed Login Attempts v2.2.0 - Changelog

    Failed Login Attempts v2.2.0 - Changelog

    + Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed
    09-Aug-2018 : v2.2.0
    + Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.7.x
    ^ Code Cleanup.
    # Minor bug fixes and many improvements.
    16-Mar-2018 : v2.1.0
    ^ Functions Improved: The getOS() and the getBrowser() functions have been updated to get the most recent Operating Systems and Browsers.
    # BUG Fixed: The datetime gets now the correct offset from the joomla configuration.
    # BUG Fixed: The modal behavior is missing. Now the logs are displayed properly in a modal popup window.
    ^ The Demo and the JED link have been updated in the description tab, at Joomla! backend.
    ! The Web357 Download ID parameter field has been deleted from each extension settings and has been replaced by a unique API key parameter field at the Web357 Framework plugin settings.
    + A new button (Settings) has been added to the description tab at Joomla! backend.
    ^ Compatible with the latest version (1.6.0) of Web357 framework plugin.
    17-Jul-2017 : v2.0.8
    + New Parameter: The "Fix Ordering" button has been added. Sometimes you need to click on that button to make sure that the plugin has been set as a priority between other authentication plugins.
    # Minor bug fixes.
    05-Jul-2017 : v2.0.7
    # Bug fixed after upgrade to J! 3.7.3. The admins can't enter text in the form fields from the plugin parameters.
    # Web357 framework has been updated to the version 1.4.5.
    12-May-2017 : v2.0.6
    + Compatibility for auto-updates via Watchful.li external service. [Many thanks to Valentin Barbu, Rafael Gaus, and Frank].
    + Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.4.3.
    ^ If the JED link does not exist yet, do not display the 'leave a review' text inside the plugin parameters.
    + NEW Parameter Field: Download ID. You need to specify your Download ID before you can receive updates for the PRO versions. For more information please follow our instructions here: https://www.web357.com/apikey
    08-Dec-2015 : v2.0.5
    # Minor bug fixes after the latest upgrade from v2.0.4
    07-Dec-2015 : v2.0.4
    ^ Updated description.
    ^ Updated translations.
    13-Nov-2015 : v2.0.3
    # Minor bug fixes.
    02-Oct-2015 : v2.0.2
    ^ The mail() php function has been replaced by Joomla's api function JFactory::getMailer.
    09-May-2015 : v2.0.1
    ^ The "footer" element has been changed to reordering the plugin, for the right storing of  "Successful login attempts".
    ^ Direct notifications are now available in the FREE version.
    ^ Save Logs to Database are available only in PRO version.
    ^ Minor fixes in language file.
    23-Apr-2015 : v2.0.0
    + Compatible with 'Web357Framework' (joomla! system plugin).
    ^ Improvement design for parameter fields (better radio buttons and color pickers).
    + ADMIN: New Element: Description of extension (buttons: view demo, more details, changelog, support).
    + ADMIN: New Element: Version Check.
    + ADMIN: New Element: About Web357 (logo, description, find us on social media).
    # General minor fixes.
    # Clean and code improvement.
    12-Dec-2014 : v1.1.0
    + One mysql table has inserted and now the data will be stored in the new sql table named #__failed_login_attempts_logs.
    + FREE and PRO version are available.
    # Security issue with store data in a visible html file, has been resolved. The plugin will not store the data in the html file anymore
    # General bug fixes.
    08-Nov-2014 : v1.0.1
    # Bug Fixed: Date is always showing 11th, in log file.
    17-Sep-2014 : v1.0.0
    + First beta release
  • Compatibility: 2.53.x
  • Contents:
  • License: GNU/GPL »
  • Available in the JED »

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Basic Features

  • Enable logs for backend (Store the Failed login attempts of joomla! backend).
  • Enable logs for frontend (Store the Failed login attempts of joomla! frontend).
  • Successful Login Attempts (Store the Successful login attempts of joomla! frontend).
  • Direct E-mail Notifications (Receive direct notifications via email about the Failed and Successful login attempts of joomla! backend and frontend).
  • Store Logs in the Database (Store all, successfull or failed, login attempts in the database).
  • Data Storing: IP Address
  • Data Storing: Username
  • Data Storing: Password
  • Data Storing: Date Time
  • Data Storing: Country
  • Data Storing: Browser
  • Data Storing: Operating System



What people say about Failed and Successful Login Attempts

  • Ap Keehnen

    The functionality is good. The extension log all kinds of info of login attempts. I like the technical info about the used browser/os Using the plugin is very easy. Switch functions on/off to your desire. Viewing the log files through the plugin doesn't seem logical. The most important part of an extension! I had initial problems with notifications of successful logins, but builder solved this within a day.


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    Enable logs for backend
    Enable logs for frontend
    Successful Login Attempts
    Direct notification via email
    Store attempts in the Database
    Data Storing: IP Address
    Data Storing: Username
    Data Storing: Password
    Data Storing: Date Time
    Data Storing: Country
    Data Storing: Browser
    Data Storing: Operating System
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