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A major release (v7.0.0) for Virtuemart Sales Joomla! component has been released

A major release for Virtuemart Sales Joomla! (v7.0.0) released

After a few weeks of hard work, we are happy to announce the new, improved version of Virtuemart Sales Joomla! component. The new version is served with a lot of changes in the core, many bug fixes and style improvements.

The Virtuemart Sales has been re-written from scratch and is based on the most recent Joomla! MVC standards. Note that the version 7.0.0 is a major release and is not just a simple update release like the previous versions.

Please, check some instructions before the upgrade. Read them carefully.

  1. Take a full backup of your Joomla! Files and database. This is a recommendation for any update of any extension you are using.
  2. Note that the version 7.0.0 of Virtuemart Sales is not available anymore for Joomla! 2.5 series. DO NOT install this version if your Joomla! is not up to date, at least to the latest series of Joomla!.
  3. You should uninstall the previous version of Virtuemart Sales Package (component/plugin). After installation, you must set the parameters again, both for component and menu item. (Before uninstalling the package, it is recommended to write down the previous settings. It is not required, but it is recommended if you had some special values in the parameters like include/exclude categories and manufacturers).
  4. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime, simply by using our Support Area.

So what’s new in this major release:

CHANGELOG | 20-Dec-2017 : v7.0.0

+ NEW FEATURE: Multi-currency is now supported. [Thank you, Peter London]
+ NEW FEATURE: Include the parameters also in the menu items to have different settings in multiple menu items.
+ NEW FEATURE: The Metadata options are now supported in Menu Item and you can set the meta description, the meta keywords, and the robots for each menu item you create. [Thank you, Jacobo]
^ The product categories are now linkable.
^ UIkit CSS framework has been updated to UIkit 3.0.0-beta.35
^ The ‘scope’ mode of UIkit has been added to avoid conflicts with other versions of UIkit or other websites which using Yootheme templates.
^ You can select multiple categories and manufacturers in the parameters, instead of entering IDs.
^ Display the first image of the product instead of a random image. [Thank you, Jacobo]
^ In menu item settings now we use the useglobal=”true” instead of the JGLOBAL_USE_GLOBAL. This method allows you to know which are exactly the global values of global configuration.
^ The free version has more unlocked parameter fields.
! Some parameter fields have been removed because are not needed anymore. (Currency, custom symbol, currency position, default ordering for categories and manufacturers).
! Unnecessary comments have been removed.
# The link “Questions about this product?” is working now as expected.
# Better search results.
# General bug fixes in product discount calculations.
# Many CSS styling improvements and minor fixes in responsive design.

You can view the full changelog here.

Hope you will find this update very useful and you’ll be happy with the new features and improvements after the upgrade.
As I said above, do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you want to tell us your feedback, or report any issues.
Thank you all guys for your support all of these years.
Best Regards,
Yiannis Christodoulou
Founder and Lead Developer, Web357
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