WCAG 2.1 and ADA Joomla! and WordPress site accessibility

WCAG 2.1 and ADA WordPress site accessibility

The Web is essentially designed to work for people of all categories regardless of their language, location, choice of hardware, software, or physical ability. Unfortunately, not all applications, websites, technologies, or tools are built that even physically challenged people can use it for surfing.

The web is finding greater significance in our lives with each passing day through e-commerce, e-payments, e-paper, social media and much more. Web Accessibility testing ensures that individuals with physical constraints should also be able to use the system.

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Why Choose Us?

At Web357, we have senior level professionals, who with their complete understandability and productive approach assure that physically disabled visitors can explore your website without any complications.

We abide by the following:

How Web Accessibility Testing is relevant?

  • Easy and effective access to users with physical limitations or challenges
  • Improves efficiency and maintainability
  • Rises market share and audience reach
  • Support internationalization
  • Assists in access for low-bandwidth users

W3C Standards Compliance

  • Web Accessibility Guidelines are defined differently in different countries. Section 508 and WCAG guidelines are the standard guidelines in use.
  • Section 508 is the accessibility standard which states that all US government websites can be accessed by people with physical disabilities.
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG is another accepted accessibility standard for governments, organizations as well as individuals. Many countries have adopted WCAG 2.0 as their legal standard in evaluating web accessibility.

The Top 10 Accessibility Features

1 Font size switcher.
The font size switcher allows increasing the font size on a web page by 130%. This feature provides better readability to people with mild visual disabilities without the need to use additional tools such as screen magnifier.
2 High contrast modes
There are 3 high contrast modes available: black/white, black/yellow, yellow/black. This option is especially important for people with low vision or other visual disabilities.
3 Page width switcher
The switcher allows setting a fixed or full width of a web page. Thanks to this, people can adjust the width of the page to achieve optimal comfort to view and read the text.
4 Night mode
Night mode allows adjusting the brightness of the page so that reading a text does not cause eye fatigue especially in dark rooms or after dark.
5 The keyboard navigation
All content of the website can be operated using the keyboard only. People who can not use the mouse or use devices that emulate the keyboard are able to navigate through a web page.
6 Skip menu for direct access to content
Using the skip menu, people with some disabilities can reach the main content of a web page quickly and easily. The menu is a shortcut so people who use the keyboard only can reach content with fewer keystrokes. Another advantage concerns screen reader users because they can avoid having to hear all links and headings before the main content.
7 The visibility of the selected element
People who use the keyboard to operate a web page can check which element has the keyboard focus. This option is especially important for people with attention limitations or short term memory limitations.
8 Organizing a page with headings
Headings describes and organizes all the content on the page. It is important that all sections on a web page have headings that identify them. Pages should be structured in a hierarchical manner, from heading 1 which is the most important for each page, then heading 2, and so on. This structure of content makes it easier to navigate the page, especially when using screen readers.
9 Understandable links
The description of the links should clearly indicate what they refer to. It helps to navigate a website using the screen readers because this way the website visitor know what content will be displayed exactly once he clicks on a link.
10 Avoidance of animated elements
Using only static images and avoiding animated effects is especially important for people suffering from epilepsy. Moreover, it may be difficult to understand the sliding content for people with visual disabilities.

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What do we need from you?

  • Super Admin Access details at WordPress backend.
  • FTP Access details.

Please note: This service will be implemented within 3-4 business days.

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Oustanding experience! The final result surpassed our expectations and Web357’s Web Developers went above and beyond to meet all our needs. Excellent communication throughout the project and high quality of work. Will definitely come back again for more projects and would recommend to everyone. Thank you!

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Easily my best website service experience to date. Crisp, clean communications, superb quality work and so fast too! Already looking for more reason to hire Web357 dev team.

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Web357 dev team provided excellent service. Very responsive, easy to work with and very helpful. Will definitely keep working with their team!

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Quality work on my eCommerce site. I hired this team to help with small to medium sized site upgrades and feature additions. They completed the tasks quickly and effeciently.

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Great working with Yiannis and Web357 team. Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great and functions well. I am recommend anyone that is looking for website design or any type of web work to contact them.

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Absolutely amazing work. Great communication, very responsive and brought great ideas to the table. I definitely plan on working with Web357 dev team again!

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