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The Web357 Framework Joomla! plugin is a required helper tool that is used by all the Web357 extensions. Within the plugin files, we have included code and PHP functions that allow the plugin updates to be applied only in one place, i.e. the plugin itself, and ensure that they are rolled out automatically to any external site that is using the Web357 applications and plugins.

Web357 Framework v1.7.7 - Changelog

Web357 Framework v1.7.7 - Changelog

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

10-Jun-2019 : v1.7.7
# [Bug Fixed] CSS file has been missed at the Joomla! backend, if you navigate the settings of any Web357 component.
# [Improvement] Some links have been changed (extension page, demo, documentation, support, etc.).

10-Apr-2019 : v1.7.6
# [Bug Fixed] Fix product image path in the tab "About Extension", in extension parameters.
^ [Improvement] Load the jQuery library only when needed. at Joomla! backend.
^ [Improvement] Minified versions of Javascript and CSS files, at Joomla! backend.

15-Feb-2019 : v1.7.5
+ [Improvement] Move all assets to media/ folder at Joomla! root.
# [Bug Fixed] JLoader::registerNamespace (only in Joomla! 2.5.x )

16-Jan-2019 : v1.7.4
# [Bug Fixed] Error after trying to get the latest version from Web357 Api. (Error Code: 0 Operation timed out after X milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received.) [Thank you, Max Morriconi]

15-Jan-2019 : v1.7.3
# [Bug Fixed] A conflict issue with the 3rd party extension "Podcast Manager" has been resolved. [Many thanks to Carlos Cámara]
# [Bug Fixed] Error Code: 0. SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches the target hostname 'cdn.web357.com'. The file: https://cdn.web357.com/web357-releases.json does not exist. The method to take the latest version has been changed. Now we use the Web357 API, instead of downloading the JSON file with all extensions data each time. [Thank you, Claudia Schmid]
! [Removed] The modal behavior JHtml::_('behavior.modal'); has been removed at the backend.

07-Dec-2018 : v1.7.2
# [Bug Fixed] An HTTPS error occurred after updating any extension. Update path does not exist. Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_.
# [Bug Fixed] Fix issues with Matukio Events Joomla! Component. The error occurs at Backend > Components > Matukio Events> Default Booking Form. It just will not load if the Web357 framework is active. [Thank you, Walter Fleritsch]
# [Bug Fixed] Some javascript issues at the back-end with the Gantry5 of RocketTheme, and the T3 BS3 Blank Template of Joomlart have been resolved successfully (Switching the "Theme Outlines" does not work) [Many thanks to Thomas Thrane, Michael Kastl, and Marcin Nader]
# Minor bug fixes

02-Nov-2018 : v1.7.1
+ Add global elements for general use in Virtuemart extensions (the files "vmcategories.php" and "vmmanufacturers.php" have been added).
^ Change json's file path about extensions' information.
! Some unnecessary code in the "profeature.php" file has been removed.
# Minor bug fixes.

09-Aug-2018 : v1.7.0
+ Fully compatible with Joomla! 4.x
^ CSS improvements for parameter fields with screenshots, like the Cookies Notification Bar plugin and the Support Hours module.
# [BUG Fixed] The backend_settings_url variable has been corrected for J! 2.5
# Minor bug fixes.

23-Jul-2018 : v1.6.4
# [Bug Fixed] Error 500 The file: http://cdn.web357.com/web357-releases.json does not exist. All HTTP URLs have been replaced with HTPS. (502 Bad Gateway nginx). [Thank you, Ea]
# [Improvement] An SQL query added to update the old update urls (web357.eu > web357.com) from the table #__update_sites

14-Jul-2018 : v1.6.3
# [Bug Fixed] Error: 500 String could not be parsed as XML. (Affects the Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! Plugin)
^ [Improvements] New parameter fields for the Cookie Manager functionality of the Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! Plugin.
^ [Improvements] New helper CSS classes for the screenshots in the plugin parameters of the Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! Plugin.

28-Jun-2018 : v1.6.2
# [Improvement] Load the Web357 product images from Web357's CDN to decrease the size of the zip file.
! [Deleted] Some elements have been deleted because are not used anymore in our extensions.
^ [Improvement] The date format inside the XML has been changed. Now is displayed like this "DD MMM YYYY", instead of this "YYYY-MM-DD".

17-Jun-2018 : v1.6.1
# [Improvement] New method to get the latest version. Fixes some errors after an extension installation on some servers with strong firewalls.

16-Mar-2018 : v1.6.0
+ Web357 API Key: One single API Key for each Web357 Subscriber who has one or more active subscriptions at Web357.com. In order to update commercial Web357 extensions, enter your API Key in the Web357 Framework plugin settings. The key can be found in your Web357 account.
! The Web357 Download ID parameter field has been deleted from each extension settings and has been replaced by a unique API key parameter field at the Web357 Framework plugin settings.
^ Functions improved: The getOS() and the getBrowser() functions have been updated to get the most recent Operating Systems and Browsers.
^ The Web357 Instagram and Youtube links have been added to the About Web357 tab info in extension settings.
+ A new button (Settings) has been added to the description tab for each Web357 component and plugin.
# Demo and JED links have been updated.
# Minor bug fixes.
# Code cleanup.

28-Feb-2018 : v1.5.2
# BUG FIXED: Compatibility issues with older versions of Virtuemart have been resolved "\plugins\system\web357framework\elements\vmcategoriesp.php". [Many thanks to Andrea Riquelme]
+ NEW FIELD: A clock-style time picker has been added as a new element parameter field. For now, is used in the first beta version of Event Schedule Joomla! Component and Module.

03-Jan-2018 : v1.5.1
BUG Fixed: The tab "COM_PLUGINS_TEXTS_FOR_LANGUAGES_FIELDSETS_LABEL" has been appeared on many previously installed plugins, because of a small issue in web357framework system plugin. [Many thanks to Arte Ferro srl]

29-Dec-2017 : v1.5.0
# BUG FIXED: There were some backward compatibility issues with older versions of Joomla! (e.g. v3.6.5), mostly for the Cookies Policy Notification Bar plugin. The input text fields for the languages are missing. [Many thanks to Xenofon Kaloudis]

15-Dec-2017 : v1.4.9
+ We've added some helper functions for the Login as User Joomla! extension.

13-Nov-2017 : v1.4.8
# Bug Fixed: Some language strings are missing.

07-Nov-2017 : v1.4.7
# Bug Fixed: An error message has been displayed after trying update to the latest update v1.4.6 of Web357 Framework. The error message is "Could not open update "Web357 Framework (FREEPRO version)". [Thank you, Mauro]

06-Nov-2017 : v1.4.6
+ We've added some helper functions, like the "onContentPrepareForm", for the Cookies Policy Notification Bar Joomla! system plugin, to allow saving language strings even if the plugin is disabled.

05-Jul-2017 : v1.4.5
# Bug fixed after upgrade to J! 3.7.3. The admins can't enter text in the form fields from the plugin parameters.
# Web357 framework has been updated to the version 1.4.5.

02-Jun-2017 : v1.4.4
# Bug Fixed: The modal popup to display the screenshots inside the extension parameters (e.g. in supporthours module), at Joomla backend does not work.

12-May-2017 : v1.4.3
+ Compatibility for auto-updates via Watchful.li external service. [Many thanks to Valentin Barbu, Rafael Gaus, and Frank].
^ If the JED link does not exist yet, do not display the 'leave a review' text inside the plugin parameters.
# Minor bug fixes.

06-May-2017 : v1.4.2
# BUG Fixed: The k2categories element has been improved to avoid errors in PHP7+

21-Apr-2017 : v1.4.1
# Fatal PHP errors in Monthly Archive after the upgrade to Web357 Framework v1.4.0 have been resolved. [Thank you, Wim]

20-Apr-2017 : v1.4.0
+ A new form field element has been added to check if an extension is installed or enabled. This is useful for Monthly Archive component to detect whether the com_k2 extension is active or not, so to retrieve the content from there.
# Minor bug fixes

04-Oct-2016 : v1.3.9
+ CSS Improvement: The "w357_xsmall_header" class has been added for styling purposes of the extra small headers at the extension parameters.

02-Sep-2016 : v1.3.8
# BUG FIXED: Some PHP Notices in the file "web357framework.class.php", in line 128, have been resolved. [Thank you, Guillaume]

30-May-2016 : v1.3.7
# BUG Fixed: If user's operating system is not in our popular operating systems list,  some PHP warnings have displayed in server's error log files. [Thank you, Guillaume]

25-Apr-2016 : v1.3.6
# Some issues (blank page and template crashed, mostly) in extension's configuration/parameters that still use Joomla! 3.3.x, have been resolved.
# Minor bug fixes.

31-Mar-2016 : v1.3.5
+ The header element now supports CSS classes.
+ A link has been added to the "version checker" parameter field. It will redirect you to the update manager to get the latest version of an extension.
^ The URL of changelog will redirect you at web357.com, instead of displaying a modal popup window.
^ The language file has been updated.
# CSS minor fixes.
# General bug fixes.

08-Dec-2015 : v1.3.4
# Minor bug fixes after the latest upgrade from v1.3.3

07-Dec-2015 : v1.3.3
^ Updated description.
^ Updated translations.

24-Nov-2015 : v1.3.2
# jQuery Issues with View Changelog modal popup, have been resolved.
^ The loading at the back-end has been improved by replacing external social scripts (facebook, twitter, google+), with social icons. There are no scripts anymore, just images.
^ The file "elements_helper.php" is required also for the about.php element, for the CSS styling of social icons.

23-Nov-2015 : v1.3.1
^ Improvement of "K2 Categories" element.
# Minor bug fixes.

13-Nov-2015 : v1.3.0
# Bug Fixed: Now you can update more than one Web357 extensions at once.
# Minor bug fixes.

29-Oct-2015 : v1.2.3
# BUG Fixed: The Customizer of Yootheme templates does not work properly if the Web357 Framework is enabled.
^ Clean up some code.

14-Oct-2015 : v1.2.2
+ Web357 framework works as an installer for all extensions, instead of installing packages.

11-Oct-2015 : v1.2.1
+ K2categories element has been added.

24-Aug-2015 : v1.2.0
# Bug Fixed: Some issues and jQuery conflicts with JoomGallery component, have been resolved.
# Minor bug fixes.

02-Jun-2015 : v1.1.0
+ 2 new elements added.
+ Link for the pro version has been edited.
# Problem with language files. Renamed to filename-BKP.ini after installing the framework.
# BUG Fixed: If "php_curl" is not enabled in PHP, the parameters cannot be displayed in administration panel.
# BUG Fixed: If "allow_url_fopen" is not enabled in PHP, the parameters cannot be displayed in administration panel.
# BUG Fixed: Some issues for Windows servers 2008 and 500 errors have been resolved.

25-Apr-2015 : v1.0.1
# Bug fixed: Problem with version checker.

23-Apr-2015 : v1.0.0
+ First beta release

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