Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.0.0 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

13-Apr-2016 : v3.0.0 + New Parameter: You can select a Google Font Family for the message and buttons. + New Parameter: You can choose if you want to show or hide the "More Info" button. + New Parameter: You can select a Google Font Family for the message and buttons. + New Parameter: Now you can enter a custom name for Cookie. + New Parameter: By default, the message is displayed on the left side and the button on the right side. But, if you would like, you can choose the center alignment for the message and button(s). + New Parameters have been added to improve the styling of buttons. You can set the border radius of button, the default background color, and the background color when the mouse is hover the button. + A smaller header has been added to improve the plugin settings at the back-end. + The Parameters in the backend is not on one page anymore. We improved the UX and the parameters are in different tabs for a quick edit. + French language has been added. A big thanks to Marc-Antoine Thevenet (MATsxm). + Russian language has been added. ^ The way that we'd get the plugin parameters has been changed, because we couldn't get the params if the plugin was unpublished. ^ The default text value for the button has been corrected, from "Ok, I understand" to "Ok, I've understood!" [Thanks, Alex Walker] ! The error messages about the download ID, during the update of other Web357 extensions, have been resolved and have been removed. ! For security reasons, the word Joomla! has been removed from the HTML comments. Example: /* Cookies Policy Notification Bar - J! system plugin (Powered by: */ [Thanks, Robin Köhler] ! Unnecessary comments have been removed. # CSS Bug fixed: After W3C CSS Validator results, the max-width: 1024x has been corrected and replaced with max-width: 1024px. # The plugin has been passed from the W3C Markup Validation Service. # Many CSS Improvements to be compatible with most popular devices. # Minor bug fixes in the code for a speed optimization. (view the full changelog)
Cookies Policy Notification Bar - Joomla! plugin
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