Joomla! extensions

Useful extensions for Joomla! developed by Web357 team

    Monthly Archive

    Divides your content into months and years. Improves user navigation and works as a search tool.

    Login as User

    Helps Admins to login at front-end as a specific user. Useful for sites where the admin needs to check user's data.

    Cookies Policy Notification Bar

    Provides a mechanism for informing your visitors about how you use cookies on your website.

    Fix 404 Error Links

    Allows any Admin to manage and fix the 404 error links, and redirect them to the desired page.

    Failed Login Attempts

    Records the failed and successful login attempts into the back-end and front-end. Useful for security purposes.

    Virtuemart Sales

    A search tool that provides products with discounts. Ideal for websites that were built with Virtuemart.

    Support Hours

    This Joomla! Module displays the Support Hours from your website. It shows the date-time of your online store based on your timezone, and the current date-time of the visitor.

    Contact Info

    A fixed toolbar at the bottom of your current template, with up to 10 linked icons or just HTML code.

    Display Date and Time

    A simple, easy and nice display of the current date and time using AJAX scripting.

    www Redirect

    With this tiny Joomla! System Plugin you can redirect all of the requests from non-www to www, or from www to non-www.

    Multiple Categories for K2

    With this Joomla! plugin, you can assign multiple categories for K2 items. This plugin leaves the K2 core and the template files untouched. The categories are also displayed at the backend and are countable.


    Counts down the time until one or multiple events are scheduled to commence.

    Fixed HTML Toolbar

    A fixed toolbar at the bottom of your current template, with up to 10 linked icons or just HTML code.

    Virtuemart Count Products

    Displays the count of active, inactive, or featured products of the Virtuemart component.

    Web357 Framework

    The Web357 Framework is a required helper tool that is used by all the Web357 extensions.