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Cookies Policy Notification Bar v3.7.4 released

A new version of Cookies Policy Notification Bar has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

15-Jan-2019 : v3.7.4 + [New Parameter] Hide the notification bar after X seconds. The notification bar will disappear after X seconds. If you choose the 'Always Display' option, the notification bar will be displayed until the visitor clicks on an action button (Accept, Decline or Cancel). [Thank you, Vivi] # [Bug Fixed] Do not renew the user session on each page load, after clicking on the "Cancel" button. This fix is for admins who use the Google Analytics service. [Thank you, Jean-Pierre DP] # [Bug Fixed] The "lib" folder was missing. The GeoIP2 Webservice works properly now. [Thank you, Douglas Gordon] # [Improvement] The cookie "cpnb_cookiessettings", will not be loaded anymore in the first-page load. It will be loaded only after a user action (after clicks on the action button, accept/decline/cancel). After this improvement, your website will be marked as compliant with the Cookiebot service. (view the full changelog)

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