Login as User WordPress plugin v1.1.0 released

A new version of Login as User - WordPress plugin has been released.

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14-Feb-2020 : v1.1.0 = * [New feature] You can now choose from the settings, which string will be displayed on the "Login as User" button. You can choose one from the following, nickname, or first name, or last name, or full name. For example Login as «Yiannis», or log in as «Christodoulou», or log in as «Johnathan99», or log in as «Yiannis Christodoulou». * [New Feature] Show only the first X characters of the username, or first/last name, or full name, on the "Login as...«option»" button. For example, if you choose 5, the button will be displayed like this: Login as «Yiann...», or Login as «Chris...», or Login as «Johna...», or Login as «Yiann...». * [Bug Fixed] Do not load the files "public.min.css" and "public.min.js" if the Login as User functionality is not enabled. * Minor bug fixes and improvements. (view the full changelog)
Login as User - WordPress plugin

We would like to inform you that a new version of the Login as User WordPress plugin has been released today.

This version resolves the issue you had about the “Login as User” column. You can now change or trim the number of characters of the name that is displayed on the “login as user” button.

Take a look in the screenshots below.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Screenshot from Settings

Screenshot from Users list

As you can see, only the first name is displayed.

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