Monthly Archive v3.3.1 released

A new version of Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

31-Mar-2015 : v3.3.1 ^ CSS Files moved. Each "view" has their own css file. It helps when we need to override component in our current template ^ The language files are now inside the component and module folder. All languages files have been added in Transifex. + Component has been improved in joomla admin panel with 3 new sections, a) Overview (information about Monthly Archive), b) Settings, c) Changelog. # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Error message in admin panel: "500 Html Behavior:: tab state not found" ^ COMPONENT: The first letter of Month, in select box, is now uppercase. ^ COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Pagination was everytime enabled, even if the field "display pagination" from parameters, had been set as "Hide". # MODULE: BUG Fixed: jQuery's conflict issues with "accordion" module style have been resolved. # MODULE: Content Type field has now a default value after the first installation. # MODULE: In parameter field "Menu Item ID", we inserted the language prefix to help you assign the correct menu item of component, if your website is multilangual. ^ MODULE: "style.css" renamed to "mod_monthlyarchive.css". + MODULE: override module supported. ! MODULE: "ma_output.php" helper file has been removed. ^ MODULE: fopen php function avoided for check module's latest version. Replaced with "simplexml_load_file". + PHP, CSS code improvement. # Some unneeded lines and comments in code, have been removed. # Minor bug fixes. (view the full changelog)
Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module
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