Monthly Archive v4.3.0 released

A new version of Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

17-Jan-2018 : v4.3.0 + New improved SQL query for the model. Fully optimized and speedy results. Highly recommended for huge databases, over than 50,000 articles. + SEO improvement: The word 'archive' has been removed from the URL for SEO purposes. You can set your own word from the menu item alias. (e.g. + The Metadata options are now supported in Menu Item and you can set the meta description, the meta keywords, and the robots for each menu item you create. ^ The search engine has been improved. ^ CSS improvements: The UIkit CSS framework is now lighter and it does not override anymore your base CSS (paragraphs, headings, links, etc.). ^ The search engine has been improved and a new CSS class ".ma-highlight-search-word" has been added into the CSS file, to highlighting your search words. ^ The UIkit framework (scope mode) has been updated to UIkit 3.0.0-beta.37 # BUG Fixed: Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): ID s3gt_translate_tooltip_mini already defined # BUG Fixed: If you don't choose any filter, and write something in the search, it redirects the user to the homepage of the component. # Minor bug fixes. (view the full changelog)
Monthly Archive - Joomla! component and module
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