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Monthly Archive v4.4.2 released

A new version of Monthly Archive has been released.

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

05-Oct-2018 : v4.4.2 + [Update] The UIkit framework has been upgraded to the latest version (UIkit 3.0.0-rc.17). ^ [Improvement] The UIkit prefix has been changed from ".uk-" to ".w357ui-". # [BUG Fixed] The issue with error 404 when searching a string from JComments has been resolved. [Thank you, Rolf Winter] ^ [Styling Improvement] Always use the black (#000) color in the modal window body, if the template background is dark. # [New Parameter] New feature allowing to select the position of month in the Month-Year display format. For example in Hungary the year is used to be displayed in front of the month (e.g. 2018 October). [Thank you, Krisztina] # [Bug Fixes] Some issues with the UI grid have been resolved in small devices. # [Bug Fixes] Minor CSS issues have been resolved. (view the full changelog)

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