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Virtuemart Count Products

Get familiar with the basic setup and structure of "Virtuemart Count Products".

First of all, make sure you always download the latest version (currently version is 4.1.0).
Not subscription required. This extension is absolutely free for use on any Joomla! website.

FREE Download


How to Install

  1. Download the file "pkg_vmcountproducts_v4.1.0.zip" from Download Area.
  2. Login to the backend of your Joomla! 2.5/3.x website and navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager.
  3. Choose to upload the zip file "pkg_vmcountproducts_v4.1.0.zip" and the "Virtuemart Count Products" package will be installed and ready for your website to use.


To update from a version to a bigger version, all you need to do is just upload the new package over the previous one. There is no need to uninstall it first as you will lose all your parameters. Just install on top.


In order for "Virtuemart Count Products" to function as intended, you need to have Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x installed (preferably the latest version in each major release) and working properly on the right server environment as noted in Joomla! technical requirements here.

Important: We can only provide support for setups that:

  • meet the Joomla! technical requirements.
  • do not have extension files or Joomla! core files which have been altered in any way.

We can't guarantee that this extension will work with any 3rd party extension, but it usually works if extension is using standard Joomla! HTML.

Demo & Screenshots

Live Demo

See a live demo of "Virtuemart Count Products" in action here: https://demo.web357.com/joomla/virtuemart-count-products.




Basic Features

  • Before & After text (You can insert HTML text in front or at the end of count).
  • Virtuemart's Link (Enter the link to the Virtuemart).
  • Type of Products (Count the Active, Inactive or Featured products).

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feature request.


At joomla! backend, you can find a lot of useful parameters to customize the extension for your needs.
If you navigate with your mouse over the label, left of each form field, you can read a short description about the functionality of each field.

In the FAQ section, you can find a list of useful frequently asked questions that maybe answer your question.

Feel free to contact us or open a new topic in the forum, if you need more instruction about one or more parameters.



    Normally we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

    If you still have questions or concerns about the product after reading instructions above:

    • You can use our Support Forum to ask your questions and report bugs.
    • Contact us using the contact form.
    • You can send us an email to this address: support [@] web357 [.] eu
    • Chat with us using the right-bottom box.

    If you did not find the information you were looking for in the documentation or if you have any other questions regarding the product feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed answer as quickly as we can.

    Stay tuned

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