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This plugin helps admin users to login to the front-end as a specific user. It is useful for websites where the admin user needs to check if a user can see their order(s) correctly, if a form was filled out correctly, or any issues with a user’s personal details, etc. The Admin user will be accessing all this information as the external User in order to replicate any issues and assist the user.

Login as User v3.4.1 - Changelog

Login as User v3.4.1 - Changelog

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

04-Sep-2020 : v3.4.1
# [Bug Fixed] JoomGallery photos are not displayed properly after enabling the Login as a User plugin. [Thank you, Yanco M. Nilyus]

20-Feb-2020 : v3.4.0
+ [New parameter] URL Redirection type (after login as a User). Enter the URL, or choose a Menu Item that the Admin will be redirected, to the front-end, after a successful login as a specific User.
+ [New parameter] Display the «Username» or «Name» on the button. You can now choose which string will be displayed on the "Login as User" button. For example "Login as «john357»" (Username), or "Login as «Yiannis Christodoulou»" (Name).
+ [New parameter] Show only the first X characters of the «Username/Name». Show only the first X characters of the Username/Name, on the "Login as...«Username/Name»" button. For example, if you choose the option 5 (the five first characters of the string), the button will be displayed as "Login as «john3...»"  if the username is "john357", or it will be displayed as "Login as «Yiann...»" if the name is "Yiannis Christodoulou".
# Minor fixes and code improvements.

23-Dec-2019 : v3.3.5
# [Bug Fixed] When a User Group name has special characters in the title, like the French string "Enregistré", then there is a bug with the error message: "An error has occurred. 500 String could not be parsed as XML." [Many thanks to Jean Machuron]

09-Dec-2019 : v3.3.4
^ [Improvement] You are able to translate the "Login as User" column, by set a value to the constant "COM_LOGINASUSER". [Thank you, Milan]

14-Jun-2019 : v3.3.3
# [Bug Fixed] If a usergroup's name has special characters like the (&) symbol, an error message is displayed: (500 String could not be parsed as XML) and the Admins cannot view and edit the plugin parameters. [Many thanks to Simon Logan]

10-Apr-2019 : v3.3.2
# [Bug Fixed] There was a PHP max_execution_time error (30sec). This only affects MySQL databases where the #__users table exceeds the 100.000 users. [Thank you, Mike]

12-Dec-2018 : v3.3.1
# [Bug Fixed] Error after upgrading to Joomla! 3.9.x. 404 View not found [name, type, prefix]: users, html, loginasuserView. [Thank you, Serge]
^ Minor Improvements

09-Aug-2018 : v3.3.0
+ Fully compatible with Joomla! 4.x
+ Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.7.x
^ Code Cleanup.
# Minor bug fixes and many improvements.

16-Mar-2018 : v3.2.1
# BUG FIXED: Notice: Undefined variable: is_enabled_arr in /administrator/components/com_loginasuser/views/users/tmpl/default.php on line 102
# BUG FIXED: Warning: array_sum() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /administrator/components/com_loginasuser/views/users/tmpl/default.php on line 102
^ The Demo and the JED link have been updated in the description tab, at Joomla! backend.
! The Web357 Download ID parameter field has been deleted from each extension settings and has been replaced by a unique API key parameter field at the Web357 Framework plugin settings.
+ A new button (Settings) has been added to the description tab at Joomla! backend.
^ Compatible with the latest version (1.6.0) of Web357 framework plugin.

15-Dec-2017 : v3.2.0
# NEW FEATURE: Assign multiple Admins to specific User Groups. Choose the Admins who can use the LOGIN AS USER functionality for a specific User Group. Leave the field blank if you want to allow every Admin to log in as any user in this user group. [Many thanks to Gerry, for his suggestion] 
# The login as user plugin works properly in Joomla! 2.5.x but the above new feature is not working.
# The core files from com_user have been replaced with the latest version of Joomla! 3.8.x series.
# Minor bug fixes and many improvements.

08-Oct-2017 : v3.1.3
# Compatible with Easy Profile extension package by easy-profile.com. [Many thanks to Jean Marc Niklaus]

05-Jul-2017 : v3.1.2
# Bug fixed after upgrade to J! 3.7.3. The admins can't enter text in the form fields from the plugin parameters.
# Web357 framework has been updated to the version 1.4.5.

13-May-2017 : v3.1.1
+ Compatibility for auto-updates via Watchful.li external service. [Many thanks to Valentin Barbu, Rafael Gaus, and Frank].
+ Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.4.3.
^ If the JED link does not exist yet, do not display the 'leave a review' text inside the plugin parameters.

26-Apr-2017 : v3.1.0
+ Compatibility with Joomla! 3.7
! End of support Joomla! 2.5.x. Note that the version 3.1+ of Login as User is not available anymore for Joomla! 2.5 series. DO NOT install this version if your Joomla! is not up to date, at least to the latest series of Joomla!.
# Minor bug fixes after upgrade to Joomla! 3.7

08-Dec-2016 : v3.0.6
+ The [nl-NL] Dutch (Belgium) language has been added (Many thanks to Henk Gordebeke for his contribution).

29-Jun-2016 : v3.0.5
# BUG Fixed: The "Download ID" is missing from the plugin parameters, but exists in the component parameters. You can now enter your download ID, in the component parameters, either in the plugin parameters. Each one submission, or both of them, are correct.

12-May-2016 : v3.0.4
# BUG Fixed: The error messages about the download ID, during the update of other Web357 extensions, have been resolved and have been removed.
# BUG Fixed: If the sh404sef extension is installed on your website, the URL redirections after login as a user redirects you to a 404 error page.

14-Apr-2016 : v3.0.3
# Bug Fixed: An error 404 (0 - Invalid address) is displayed after upgrading to Joomla! 3.5.1, after clicking on the link "Login as _username_". [Thank you, Lisa Keyser]

08-Dec-2015 : v3.0.2
# Minor bug fixes after the latest upgrade from v3.0.1

07-Dec-2015 : v3.0.1
^ Updated description.
^ Updated translations.

18-Nov-2015 : v3.0.0
+ ACL supported. 
# Bug fixed: 500 Error. The function onAfterInitialise() is changed to onAfterDispatch(). 
^ Managers and Admins are not authorized to log in as Super User. 
+ NEW Parameter Field: Custom CSS style. You can add your personal CSS style. Find the classes by right click on the text, and then inspect element (browser option). 
+ NEW Parameter Field: Displayed text. You can change the "Login as User" text. 
+ Compatible with 'ExtendedReg' Joomla! Plugin, of jVitals Team. 
# Minor bug fixes and clean up some code. 

13-Nov-2015 : v2.1.4
+ NEW Parameter Field: Download ID. You need to specify your Download ID before you can receive updates for the PRO versions. For more information please follow our instructions here: https://www.web357.com/apikey
# Minor bug fixes.

30-Oct-2015 : v2.1.3
# BUG Fixed: Fatal error: Class 'JControllerAdmin' not found in \administrator\components\com_loginasuser\controllers\users.php on line 30

19-Aug-2015 : v2.1.2
+ New Parameter: Choose the login system, Joomla! core or K2. If you select K2, note that the parameter 'Enable K2 User Profile' in K2 settings must be enabled. The default option is 'Joomla'.

26-May-2015 : v2.1.1
# Warning and Notice messages do not display anymore.

18-May-2015 : v2.1.0
+ Component has been added.

23-Apr-2015 : v2.0.0
+ Compatible with "Web357Framework" (Joomla! system plugin).
^ Improvement design for parameter fields (better radio buttons and color pickers).
+ ADMIN: New Element: Description of extension (buttons: view demo, more details, changelog, support).
+ ADMIN: New Element: Version Check.
+ ADMIN: New Element: About Web357 (logo, description, find us on social media).
# General minor fixes.
# Clean and code improvement.

24-Mar-2015 : v1.1.0
# BUG Fixed: "JFile: :copy:" in Joomla! 3.4.1.
+ New parameter field: "Admin's Email".
+ New parameter field: "URL Redirect after Login".
^ After plugin installation redirects you on Users Manager page.
+ CSS added in Users Manager page to give a style to the "Login as User" phrase.
^ The head link "Login as User" in Users Manager page, has now a sort order link.
27-Nov-2014 : v1.0.0
+ First beta release

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