Multiple Categories for K2 – Joomla! plugin

With this Joomla! plugin, you can assign multiple categories for K2 items. This plugin leaves the K2 core and the template files untouched. The categories are also displayed at the backend and are countable.

Multiple Categories for K2 v1.2.4 - Changelog

Multiple Categories for K2 v1.2.4 - Changelog

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

19-Jun-2019 : v1.2.4
+ [Improvement] Now you are able to assign multiple categories in items from the frontend. [Thank you, Christos Chronopoulos]
+ [Improvement] Now you are able to order/sort the items in the backend also by the subcategories , instead the main categories as before. [Thank you, Frank Lauridsen]

10-Apr-2019 : v1.2.3
# [Bug Fixed] When the "Multiple Extra Field Groups for K2" is used at the K2 backend, some tabs are not displayed properly.

03-Jan-2018 : v1.2.2
# [Bug Fixed] The Items are not displayed in the admin panel of the K2 component if an additional category is selected from the "-Select Category-" field. [Thank you, Anton]

10-Dec-2018 : v1.2.1
# [Bug Fixed] Error with pagination results, in K2 category pages, if the plugin is enabled.

07-Dec-2018 : v1.2.0
^ [Improvement] The "mod_k2_content" module is now supported.
# [Bug Fixed] Illegal offset type of variables in the "mod_k2_tools" module.
# [Bug Fixed] Fixed issues with jQuery loading spinner after migrating from the plugin "Additional Categories for K2".
^ [Imrovements] The text string "in" has been removed (by jQuery) from the k2 core modules, if our plugin is enabled.
# Minor bug fixes and many improvements.

08-Nov-2018 : v1.1.0
+ [New Feature] Migrate from the plugin "Additional Categories for K2". Navigate to the (system) plugin settings to find this feature.
# [Bug Fixed] Not allowing unset multiple categories after save.
# [Bug Fixed] Add SQL indexing [Thank you, Dave Marshall]
# [Bug Fixed] Do not display the list with categories if the parameter has been set to "Do not display categories" in component and module settings.
# Minor bug fixes

05-Nov-2018 : v1.0.1
# [Bug Fixed] Wrong closing "div" tag. [Many thanks to Daniel Burri]

19-Oct-2018 : v1.0.0
+ First beta release

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