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This Joomla! Module displays the Support Hours from your website. It shows the date-time of your online store based on your timezone, and the current date-time of the visitor.

Support Hours v1.5.1 - Changelog

Support Hours v1.5.1 - Changelog

+ Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

18-Jan-2019 : v1.5.1
+ [Improvement] Increase holidays from 3 to 10 [Thank you, Eric vanbok]
# [Bug Fixed] PHP Notice: A non-well formed numeric value encountered in "\mod_supporthours\helper.php on line 96"
- modal behavior
# [Styling Improvement] The style of the "Opening hour" and the "Closing hour" parameter fields has been fixed in the module parameters.
^ [Improvement] To avoid conflicts with 3rd party plugins, load the modal behavior {JHtml::_('behavior.modal');} as a hidden field, instead globally in the web357 framework.
# [Bug Fixed] The screenshots are now displayed in a modal window, instead of a new tab in your browser.

09-Aug-2018 : v1.5.0
+ Fully compatible with Joomla! 4.x
+ Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.7.x
^ Code Cleanup.
# Minor bug fixes and many improvements.

16-Mar-2018 : v1.4.2
^ The Demo and the JED link have been updated in the description tab, at Joomla! backend.
! The Web357 Download ID parameter field has been deleted from each extension settings and has been replaced by a unique API key parameter field at the Web357 Framework plugin settings.
+ A new button (Settings) has been added to the description tab at Joomla! backend.
^ Compatible with the latest version (1.6.0) of Web357 framework plugin.

05-Jul-2017 : v1.4.1
# Bug fixed after upgrade to J! 3.7.3. The admins can't enter text in the form fields from the plugin parameters.
# Web357 framework has been updated to the version 1.4.5.

02-Jun-2017 : v1.4.0
+ New Feature: Support break for lunch. Example: Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 13:00 & 15:00 - 19:00. [Thank you, Norbert]
# Minor improvements in the module parameters.

13-May-2017 : v1.3.3
+ Compatibility for auto-updates via external service. [Many thanks to Valentin Barbu, Rafael Gaus, and Frank].
+ Compatible with the latest version of Web357 Framework v1.4.3.
^ If the JED link does not exist yet, do not display the 'leave a review' text inside the plugin parameters.

08-Dec-2016 : v1.3.2
+ The [nl-NL] Dutch (Belgium) language has been added (Many thanks to Henk Gordebeke for his contribution).

05-Oct-2016 : v1.3.1
# Bug Fixed: The online/offline status text is not displayed after upgrade to version 1.3.0. [Thank you, Vladimir Melton].

04-Oct-2016 : v1.3.0
+ NEW Feature: Now you can enter different texts (online/offline status) for each day separately. [Thanks, Peter Kuko].

12-May-2016 : v1.2.0
# CSS Improvements in all layouts.

05-May-2016 : v1.1.0
+ Four new great layouts from our awesome Graphic Designer. The first layout is available in the free version, and the other three are available to the premium version.
+ New parameter: Box Width. You can now set the box width. The 320px is recommended, but for responsive websites you should use the 100%.
+ New parameter: Links (tab). Set the links (contact us, live chat, send email) to be displayed. You can set different links if the support department is online or offline, respectively.
+ New parameter: Choose if you want to show the opening hours beside the open days.
+ Many new parameters have been added to improve the layout styling (image for layout-1, change the text of the state, the texts Online-Offline, etc.).
! The non-useful date formats have been removed from the list and have been replaced by the most popular. But also alternatively you can set your custom date format.
! The layout that released on the first two versions, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, has been removed.
! The parameter "text between date and time" has been deleted.
^ Better back-end. The parameters are separated into tabs, instead of one page.
^ The screenshots in back-end have been updated, for a better explanation of parameters.
# Bug fixed: If the holiday #1 and #2 have been enabled, the module detects the holiday #3 as enabled too.
# General bug fixes.

30-Mar-2016 : v1.0.2
+ A new helper plugin "plg_system_supporthours" has been added to the package, to help premium subscribers enable the live updates by entering the download ID of their purchase.
+ The "Download ID" parameter field has been added to enable the live updates. This field is only for the Pro versions.
^ The free, and the pro version have different update files.
! The error messages about the download ID, during the update of other extensions, have been resolved and have deleted.

29-Mar-2016 : v1.0.1
! The unnecessary comments have been removed.
! The file "timezone.php" has been removed, because is not needed anymore. All the necessary stuff has been moved to the file "mod_supporthours.php".
^ JED link has been updated.
# Bug Fixed: jQuery loaded every second to detect the time of visitor.
# 404 error image not found for the image "dateformat.png". The URL of the screenshot for the "dateformat" parameter field, has been corrected.
# Minor code fixes.

09-Mar-2016 : v1.0.0
+ First beta release.

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  • Based on ajax/flashing: (You shouldn't refresh your page to refresh the times).
  • Texts: (Enter your custom Texts (state, status text, main text, etc.).
  • Links: (Set your links for each status (online/offline) separately).
  • Holidays: (Set Holidays. In a holiday the support is offline and a holiday message will be displayed).
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  • Custom CSS Styling: (Enter your Custom CSS code, to avoid opening css files).

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